A friend recently asked me what my fascination with aliens was. “Legal or Illegal?” I asked. “No, Aliens, like in your stories!” He laughed. His eyes added “Doofus” to the end of that statement.

Huh… Aliens. I don’t know. I didn’t at the time. When I take the time to reflect, however, I have to admit that Aliens have always been a deep fascination of mine… but not because I actually believe in them or care to take on a debate about the prospects of life forming spontaneously on another planet. I wrote about people in my book “Trials” and I’m writing about Aliens in the still very young Novel “Fractal Space.” I’m having a blast.  They’re fun, they’re eccentric, they’re brave, they are powerful, they have special powers… they’re me. And yet, they aren’t me…

Aliens are safe – in a way. They let you take a species and dream about a quality of our own lives and culture that we want to see magnified. They let you dive into the political without being political. They let you dive into the very purest evil and the very richest good without it being about you… even though, secretly, it is about you (the author).

What about you? What characters do you like to use to express yourselves, magnify yourselves, and oppose yourselves?

Written by Thane Keller

Thane is a native of Northern Virginia that has been traveling the world with his wife and four children. Thane researches and writes about technology, innovation, leadership, decision-making, and organizational change.