I’m traveling through Europe this week and haven’t had much time to write – so here is an old character I’d like to resurrect. The writing style is a bit different as well – leave a comment and let me know what you think of Farigh – 5 points to anyone that translates his name 😉

It never sleeps. Always hungry and never satisfied, it stalks the land it has been given dominion over. Dragging a battered machete along the leaf scattered ground, the ten foot monstrosity moves with a limp. Its left shoulder, covered in tattered rags hangs lower than the one holding the machete. The ground shakes and trembles under its feet and the oak grove which it stalks shudders as it passes by. There is no animal that will defy it and all run from its roar. Although it should feel powerful and supreme in its own environment, it feels only shame and remorse.

Like a mind disconnected from its body, it cannot apply reason to its deepest cravings. Blood, bone, and muscle. It loves it all, and there is nothing more satisfying, and horrifying, than to feel a human body crunch under its powerful jaws. When there are no humans to hunt, its master feeds it whatever he wishes. It has walked impatiently for three days now. It’s master, usually prompt at providing food, has left it hungry.

What its mind rejects, its body cannot do without. It must feed. He must feed. Why he was created, he cannot be sure. Scars from countless battles speckle his body. One eye droops lower than the other. Sometimes, the human out runs him. Other times, the human out smarts him. But those who stand to fight; those humans with the courage and will to defy him have all become a meal for him. This is both his joy and his curse. With no food to satisfy his hunger, he scours his domain for food. The creature’s name is Farigh.

Written by Thane Keller

Thane is a native of Northern Virginia that has been traveling the world with his wife and four children. Thane researches and writes about technology, innovation, leadership, decision-making, and organizational change.



Well, I was reading some of your posts when reading this “Farigh” hold my attention.
Here are my two cents:
Farigh: free, nothing to do
So, “farigh” has nothing to do except satiating its hunger.

Thane Keller

Hi Madeeha! Thanks for playing and it’s a great guess! While he’s definitely bored enough to wander around and satisfy his carnal desires, sadly, his name doesn’t mean free 🙂

How about 3 points for your effort? 🙂

Thane Keller

I’ll give you a hint – and maybe you’ll be able to get it given where you seem to be blogging from 🙂 Its a translation from an Arabic word into English, but its not word for word so it can’t just be translated using the letters in his name. Good Luck!

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