I just published Chapter 1 of Trials here, and thought it would be fun to explore one of the villains that I introduce in that Chapter.

His name is Malek, which is actually Arabic meaning King. The reader, however, should consider him a crude warlord; barely in control of his own tribe, let alone his supposed Kingdom.

Malek is a complex soul, he’s sick and twisted when it comes to his desires but he isn’t so out of control that he lets them rule over him. In fact, his twisted desires are the very tools that he uses to control his people. In psychology, we would say that Malek suffers from psychopathy – fearless, acting without concern for negative consequence, intelligent, and desperate to perform acts that will raise his heart rate to combat the flatness of his mood.

Through this lens, we can see that Malek’s depth really stems from his intelligence. He understands that he is unique in his capacity for evil – his ability to not only endure evil but to enact it upon others to a truly sickening degree. Malek then uses this to strike fear into others while strengthening his position within his fiefdom.

This is Malek – one of my favorite characters – and I hope you want to learn more about him in my story Trials.

Sound off… what do you think about Malek?

Written by Thane Keller

Thane is a native of Northern Virginia that has been traveling the world with his wife and four children. Thane researches and writes about technology, innovation, leadership, decision-making, and organizational change.