September 10, 2015

Memories are powerful aren’t they? Certain smells, the temperature or humidity, or even a recent discussion can bring back a flurry of thoughts and emotions that were long ago buried in the depth of our minds. With the coming of fall, I’ve had a few resurface. I wish I could say they were happy; but the romanticized version of fall with hot cider, apple groves, playing in the leaves while my parents yelled at us to get off the pile they had just raked seems to take a backseat to more powerful experiences from my military service. I wouldn’t use the word tormented – I’m a pretty sturdy mind. We call it resilient. But the memories are still there strong, powerful, and vivid.

Recently, on the playground with my two boys one Sunday morning before church, the sky was dark, the temperature was cool, and the ground was moist. I like to lay down on the hill overlooking their slide and yell (as all fathers do) when it looks like they are prepared to perform a maneuver that would surely break their necks. This particular morning, however, I couldn’t help but skip back in time to the wet cold rain in Northern Iraq. I think it was the mud – that smell that comes up out of the ground after a rain – I remember laying there, not on the playground, but in the muddy sand behind a grove of trees. It was peaceful, as peaceful as the playground underneath the storms in Iraq as well, both inside my mind and on the other side of that grove…

Memories are powerful aren’t they? Let me know some of your most powerful memories from the start of fall.

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