The Woman of Mars

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My Mars enthusiasts have surely seen these images before – but I thought it appropriate to blog about them all the same, given my love of Mars and my novel Trials. The pictures that are published from the Mars rover (you can view them here) are simply phenomenal and do so much to stir the imagination.

My favorite is the woman. She’s number four on the link above (and in the picture), and she sends my mind into a whirl every time I see her. Of course, I know this is just an illusion, but still… could you imagine the fright of your first night on Mars? The wind is howling, kicking up a blinding amount of dust into your visor. As you painstakingly crest the ridge, the pale martian landscape clears revealing a deep valley. Down below is the ghastly shape of a woman, simply sitting there. She doesn’t react to you approaching, and when you get close enough, she disappears… replaced by another onslaught of wind and sand, ever determined to prevent your return to the mars lander.

Spooky right!? Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite image is in this link and if you think you’d ever have the courage to explore the final frontier!

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