Writing prompt: The Locket

If only she hadn’t picked up that locket. That dust laden brass locket. Its chain had broken years ago and, soon after, she determined to stop opening it at all. It wasn’t that it was painful to open the tarnished, heart shaped window into her past. It was simply stupid. Stupid to think about her high school years, her absurd crushes, and her not so serious boyfriend; who, in a mix of hormones and idiocy gave her a picture of them to remember him by.

That dusty locket. That silly, filthy locket; forcing her to feel so young and immature as soon as she opened it. That locket that acted as a mirror rather than a keepsake. She wish she hadn’t pick it up. She wish she hadn’t opened it. But now, finally, she would throw it away.

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This writing prompt is courtesy of Creative Writing Now

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