I’m proud to announce that my author page on Goodreads is finally complete and the book is listed and ready to be found! I like the Goodreads profile for a few reasons. First, and most importantly, it provides a great venue where I can engage with an audience. Goodreads allows me to set an “Ask the Author” section where people can write any question they want about Trials, my writing process, advertising recommendations, or anything between. Another neat function is that Goodreads allows me to link this websites RSS feed, so I can literally post something here, and have Goodreads fans see it on my author page. While the Amazon author page provides the same benefit, Goodreads has taken advantage of the social networking trend and really opened up the doors for sharing content and recommendations with other users. Third, Goodreads provides authors the ability to advertise their work with the hopes of further engaging and luring in an audience. Their ads are targeted and specific  (I’ll talk more about that in a later post) and it seems there is no reason to not use every advertising venue available for the sake of distribution and name recognition.

SO, with the Goodreads page addition I now have a Twitter page, Facebook page, Instagram page, Goodreads author page, Amazon author page, and a website. Talk about dizzying!

Written by Thane Keller

Thane is a native of Northern Virginia that has been traveling the world with his wife and four children. Thane researches and writes about technology, innovation, leadership, decision-making, and organizational change.