Flash Fiction – When the Crow Calls

Flash Fiction

When the crow calls each fall night, be sure to listen to his plight. For the crow, sitting high, is watching out for you alright. His eyes they’ll follow and they’ll wait, to see if you should meet your fate. His hope is that you’ll trip and fall, hit your head upon the wall at which point, the mighty crow descends his stoop to you below. For if you fell and did not pass, get up you fool, and mighty fast! Observe his eyes they’re dark and bold, his beak is strong and black as coal. The crow he’s evil, please take fright! Especially on hallows night…


I hope you enjoyed my piece of flash fiction. Write your own and link back to my page using the comments below. This flash fiction is 100-150 words based on the image above. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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