John Wilkes – Trials Character Deep Dive

Continuing with the Trials Character Deep Dive series, I want to give readers insight into John Wilkes. To most readers, his name minus the obvious surname of Booth is famous for a few reasons. First, John Wilkes (the real man) fought hard for the rights of voters to chose their representatives and was a huge supporter of the American Rebels during the revolutionary war. Second, the other man, yes, the man with the last name Booth, was a simple criminal and a worthless thespian that killed President Lincoln.

The backdrop for the Trials Character John Wilkes is based on the former; he is a supporter of the people and believe in their right to chose their own leaders. Freedom and the freedom to chose is very important to him, so important that John determines to draw a line in the sand as he watches his government put sanction after sanction on its own people. In the story, John Wilkes forms a coalition of states that support his view but the path of his steps lead him towards war. John is a man that has calculated the cost of every step, and knowing to be out matched, finally makes an agreement with some questionable allies.

You’ll have to wait and see how John Wilkes develops in book 2, but he’s worth it!

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  1. Sarah Keller says:

    Interesting connection to Booth! I always think of Ashely Wilkes, from Gone With the Wind, when I see “John Wilkes”.


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