Morality’s Sake

Moralities Sake

Now this is the life of Riley the Cat who would lay on his mat and wonder just what he could be, if a mouse went by without blinking an eye at the cat that cared not for he. Riley the Cat, he ate no meat, it never touched his lips; instead he’d feast on grain, and broccoli, beans, and soup, and of course he’d eat carrots. You see, Riley the Cat was born this way, to be a carnivore, but for morality’s sake he turned his head and swore and swore and swore: “I can change, I surely can, whatever it might take, for there could be no pain on earth that wasn’t worth a mouse’s sake.” Riley the Cat as he lay, battled internally, for meat was good, oh so good, but could never, ever be.


8 thoughts on “Morality’s Sake

    1. Thane Keller says:

      I’m pulling for him – maybe with the encouragement of a few good friends he can find the strength to maintain his conviction 😉

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