Thanks to my amazing, beautiful, talented, and patient graphic designer (Sarah), Trials has a new and improved book cover. Cover design isn’t easy (you can ask her) and it requires a lot of thought and research. After the cover is completed, and in my case, live for sale, the thought of a new cover design usually couldn’t be farther from any of our minds. You brand a product, put it out in advertisements, get people used to a certain theme – it makes no sense to change it!

Unfortunately, as a new author I didn’t really put much foresight into the variety of formats we would be expected to convert the book into, and all of those formats have different cover specifications. So my advice to new authors is to make sure you find pictures that are still very large at 300 DPI – otherwise you might be reworking your graphics like I just did.


Trials Book Cover Design

The old cover design was actually from a picture I took out of a helicopter in Afghanistan. The basic concept of the cover design was to contrast the Martian Landscape in the foreground to a major metropolitan city in the background. The implication is that someone is volunteering to leave the city behind in favor of a barren landscape, but a new life. The problem, however, is that the photo representing the martian landscape was taken by my iPhone – certainly not professional grade and not nearly large enough for a print version of the book.


Trials the Novel

The new cover is a drastically different design but applicable nonetheless. Without a suitable martian landscape, we decided to hit on the scientific aspect of the journey. This picture highlights famed scientist Jillian Jaspers and her work in the field of genetics to make Mars colonization a reality. Jillian has a large role in the book and deserves a spot on the front cover as much as anyone.

What do you guys think? How do you like the new cover and what it means for the title?

Written by Thane Keller

Thane is a native of Northern Virginia that has been traveling the world with his wife and four children. Thane researches and writes about technology, innovation, leadership, decision-making, and organizational change.


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