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I’ve wanted to do some character deep dives for my new novel Trials and after setting the stage with Malek, my favorite villain, I’ve decided to continue with Zoe.  If you haven’t read the story yet, beware, there might be a few hints below but I will do my best to keep spoilers away.

Zoe is a young teenage girl we meet in Chapter 11. She comes off as ordinary and is struggling with the concept of leaving everything she knows behind for a new life on Mars. At the whims of her constantly feuding parents, Zoe is left to fend for herself emotionally as she embarks on this new and terrifying journey. As you read about Zoe and her voyage, my hope is that you consider your own experiences. Were you ever the new person in a town? How nervous were you on that first day of school? While sometimes our Trials seem insurmountable, they often resolve themselves don’t they?  Zoe’s problem though is much bigger – what if you were not just leaving a town, city, or state; what if you were leaving the planet…forever. This girl’s world has been turned upside down, but leaving is just the beginning.

To the reader, Zoe might be easy to mistake as a nobody; as someone that is being driven by the story rather than a driver of the plot. Make no mistake, Zoe is an extraordinary character that will shine with strength and resolve through Trials of her own – after all, Zoe’s name means Life, and it might not just be a reference to her own 😉

2 thoughts on “Trials Character Deep Dive – Zoe

  1. Lydia says:

    One of the best and inspiring Novel I have read so far.
    Thank you Thane
    We are waiting for the 2,3,4, 10th Novel
    All the best!!


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