Children’s Story – Animal Race

I took a slight detour from my standard writing style with this fun children’s story I’ve titled “Animal Race.” Now all I have to do is find a cartoonist 😉


Animal Race

Get up, let’s go! Today’s the day

All the animals are racing, let’s rush to watch the fray!

Brush your teeth, wash your hair, grab a bite to eat

Put on your shoes and jump in your seat


Look, here he comes, the biggest of the mammals

The elephant is on the track, he’s the largest of animals.

Look at his trunk, how it reaches all around

Watch him warming up and stretching to the ground.


Here comes the dog, nimble and quick

His nails are sharp; as he walks they click.

I can’t imagine a racer faster than he,

but before we know it, guess what we see.


A cat! It’s huge! Its muscles glean

I had no idea that he’d be racing

He touches his toes as he stretches his legs

Nobody could beat him, this guy’ll win the day!


What a race this will be! Oh what a race!

I can’t imagine what other animals these will face.

But before you know it, three more enter in.

It’s an Ox, a Horse, and a very large Hen!


Ah, here it is, the very last contender.

Everyone in the stands quiets as he enters.

The mouse, he’s so tiny, he could never win,

but the look on his face is so determined.


The gun goes off! They all start to run

The fans, they cheer and jeer the racers on!

The elephant is pounding his feet to the ground,

the stands shake and rumble, the bend the tiger rounds.


All of them are panting, their legs all burn.

The mouse, he is gaining on the pack through the turn.

They’re on the final stretch! It’s the mouse and the bird,

By our noisy cheering, onward they are spurred!


To the finish line, the two are almost done.

The day is almost finished, the race is almost won.

The hen leads the mouse, maybe by an inch or two,

but the mouse, he has heart, and he pushes through!


The mouse, the mouse! He crossed the finish line!

He actually did it! He left the rest behind!

It just goes to show, that even though you’re small,

Determination is important and heart is best of all.


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