I’m going to take a quick break from fiction to write about the evolutionist – I hope my followers forgive me for climbing upon this soap box, but as a writer I see my primary responsibility as being the packaging and exchanging of ideas.

DISCLAIMER: I believe in the value and worth of all of nature. If you are an evolutionist reading this, I hope you can become more aware of the reality of your philosophy and drink more fully from your evolutionary roots. If you are a humanist and a preservationist reading this – you might need to consider an alternative “origins” belief system.

Recently, there was an article suggesting that the very finches that Charles Darwin used as inspiration to develop his Origin of Species (which was really just a description of survival of the fittest) are going extinct. You can read the article here. What’s better, is that the article suggests it’s man’s fault! To be fair, it’s actually parasites killing the birds, but regardless, I say GOOD FOR US! EVOLVE OR DIE! This is the basis for everything the evolutionist believes in. If you can’t adapt to your environment, adjust to new predators, environmental changes, or diseases – you become extinct. Better yet, this extinction and survival of the fittest is what ensures the strong survive, the strong press forward into the future, and the surviving species is better positioned for even greater challenges.  Humans, under this theory, have adapted to a stage where we can dictate the pace, we can change the environment, and we can forge our own path towards greater survival. Finches are weak, failed to adapt, and will become extinct.

But here’s where I become bothered. People that adhere to an Evolutionary theory are the very ones who believe we need to preserve these weak creatures. These pathetic animals aren’t required for our survival in any way. In fact, some people who believe in evolution are so blinded by this desire to preserve these creatures that they would advocate that we pour our resources into their survival; resources that could be used instead for adapting to future threats such as aliens, climate change, or greater resource insufficiency.

So here’s the deal  – you can’t be an evolutionist (meaning you believe humans evolved from probiotic sludge and it is likely other creatures have done the same on millions of other earth-like planets) and a modern humanist (meaning you emphasize the value of human beings and recently by extension the natural environment and animal kingdom) at the same time. While humanism in its purist form may still be compatible (because it narrowly elevates human values but not the animal kingdom), the new age preservationist mentality is entirely incompatible. The two ideas are completely counter to each other.

In fact, the only true idea that is compatible with evolution is hedonism – meaning you believe you should do what feels good because ultimately, your instincts should be driving your survival. Eat meat, horde resources, out-do your neighbor, have as many sexual partners as you can to increase your DNA’s chances of survival, and exist in society for purely selfish reasons (shared protection/conquest, resources, or comfort).

There are some natural consequences that come out of these very different belief systems. I am going to present the following as simple fact. Again, if you are an evolutionist and yet dabble in humanism, you need to start rethinking the flaws of your logic. Period. If you are a fiction writer, hopefully this gives you fuel for your next great bad-guy race.

For pure evolutionists:

  1. You should exhibit a form of racism because survival of the fittest includes racism; it’s all about selective breeding so the strong can continue to thrive and the weak don’t- think Hitler.
  2. Homosexuals have no room in your belief system – they aren’t exchanging DNA to produce children and therefore cannot and will not contribute to the furtherance of your species. In fact, they probably should be extinct or will be soon if homosexuality is a genealogically driven event – Hitler also sent homosexuals to the concentration camps.
  3. Your goal needs to be to become the supreme species – any resources spent on uplifting other species for other than scientific research is misguided – Hitler did this too…
  4. You should be selfish – anything that goes against your comfort, your position in the food chain, or your survival should be removed instantly – how else will you further your genes?
  5. Whether we find aliens is irrelevant, we need to be always striving for the next competitor, and right now, that is probably on another planet.

For the Modern Humanist –

  1. There is no room for survival of the fittest – people have value and worth, and so does the rest of nature.
  2. We were likely created – I won’t preach God to you (I could), but human worth outside of survival of the fittest necessarily indicates greater purpose for everything – you need to seek it out.
  3. Being the supreme species is irrelevant if you trample the beauty in other people and creatures.
  4. Hedonism is worthless – doing what feels good rips away your friends and family in the end. Sacrifice yourself and gain a richer life.
  5. Combat evolution. It leads to a wicked path – by everyone’s standards – even the evolutionists.


To summarize, I believe the evolutionist should cheer the impending extinction of the finch on and I believe the humanist should weep. These are opposite responses and are not compatible.

Written by Thane Keller

Thane is a native of Northern Virginia that has been traveling the world with his wife and four children. Thane researches and writes about technology, innovation, leadership, decision-making, and organizational change.