Jacob Densy – Trials Character Deep Dive

“Mars promises to be the next great frontier of human exploration” – Jacob Densy


Character Deep Dive

Jacob Densy is a character that is only mentioned by name once early in the book. This doesn’t reduce his significance to the overall plot. As an author, I decided to put a conversation between Jacob and an advertising executive to act as a sort of prologue for the next book. When people see Jacob’s name again, they’ll hopefully remember him as a proponent of the Mars effort – but he’s far more than that. Jacob is the Chief Executive Officer for a company named Unicore, which is a mining conglomerate that owns interests on Earth, the Moon, and Mars.

Recently, research into psychopathy has indicated that the majority of CEOs are actually psychopaths. They are willing to take risks, are self-centered, lack concern for the people around them, and have generally flatter affects. Jacob is no different. While Jacob believes he always does the right thing, he also is a man who staunchly believes the ends justify the means. With the disaster on earth and an even greater one brewing on Mars, you can expect the most powerful man on the planet to be at the center of the drama.

Read Trials to get the background and be looking for a big move from Jacob in the sequel!

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