The Cover for Fractal Space is Here!

I’m excited to announce that my incredible, wonderful, beautiful, and talented Graphic Designer has once again struck gold with the cover for my newest novel: Fractal Space.

Before the unveil, I thought it would be fun to show you the evolution of design and our thoughts behind the final product.

1. I instantly fell in love with the first cover that Sarah Keller put together for a few reasons. First, the landscape and the setting sun is mysterious and signifies the end of an era. If you are familiar with the synopsis, war is coming, and a setting sun over the horizon of a foreign landscape is a great way to depict that. The hand was meant to be the hand of a conqueror, reaching down from the heavens. Unfortunately, the hand is what did this bad boy in. The more people I showed this to said they expected a Max Lucado book rather than a Space Opera. Sorry, Sarah – it had to go.





2. The second cover was an attempt at a completely different angle. This cover signified the proud crystal city, a beacon of hope, but also the prize that conqueror Brokk is looking to steal. The glass building and symmetrical patterns certainly matched the meaning of Fractal a little better and the red-streaked sky signified the battle to come, but it made me think criminal law before I thought Science Fiction. In a highly competitive genre, it just wouldn’t do. Back to the drawing board!

Fractal Space


3. The good news is, all of our (Sarah’s) hard work paid off, and I think we have a real winner…. But I’ll let you be the judge. Get ready to grab yourself a copy!

Fractal Space






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