Facts and Stats – The Battle for Tassi


“This was the single, greatest massacre in our history and yet there is still no justice.” –  Cale, Commander, Tassian Expeditionary Space Fleet.


Soldier Astronaut  40,000,000

Number of Jark soldiers that trampled Tassian Ground


Tank  700,000

Total number of tanks involved in the invasion and defense of Tassi


Aircraft  120,000

Quantity of Tassian aircraft destroyed during the Jark invasion


Artillery  415,000

Number of Jark Artillery that shelled Tassian cities




“It all happened so fast. The artillery, the invasion, our surrender. By the time they started rounding everybody up and executing us, there was nothing for any of us to do but to die.” – Tassian Survivor



Killed or Missing  1,315,000,000

Total number of Tassians killed or missing in the Battle for Tassi




“I remember her horror. There was an acceptance of her fate and a rejection of the facts all at once. I waited until the soldiers left and then climbed over her body to escape.” – Tassian Survivor



“He is an exile. Our government had no part in his actions. If we find him, we, along with the galactic community will bring him to justice.” – Edet Gadalje, Jark representative to the Galactic Council


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