Doomsayer Available Now!

Science FictionThat’s right folks! The final installment of the “Conquests of Brokk” trilogy is finally here and I’ve been working extra hard to get everyone’s attention… I even put together a Book Trailer which you can watch here.

I know now that you’ve seen the trailer you’re wondering: “Why isn’t Thane headed to Hollywood?” You’d be right to think that. But for now, writing is my thing. Still… I’m always looking for cast members when the series does make it to Hollywood, so shoot me a note, leave me a review, buy a few books for me to autograph in time for Christmas, and get to reading!

Synopsis: Brokk, Commander of the mighty Rogue Fleet, desires more than just his exile come to an end. His heart is set on revenge and his aim is to be the ruler of the Jark Empire. With his Armada resupplied and a powerful priestess at his side, Brokk intends to stop at nothing until his goals are achieved. Despite Brokk’s plans, Cale has his own intentions for the Galaxy and his own desire for revenge. As conflict descends on the Jark Empire, a fog of war masks the plans of the remaining species in the Galaxy and a battle for positioning begins.


Here are some things I’ve enjoyed most about writing the book series:

Favorite Technology: Interstellar Artillery

Favorite Character: Tamara

Favorite Planet: Jark

Favorite People Group: Mateen

Favorite Warrior Class: Scouts (of course)

Favorite theme: As Doomsayer ends, there is but a single, absolute certainty: when leaders leave morality to chance, the battle for galactic supremacy will become a long, starless game of bided time and infinite retributions. For what each will forfeiteach will pay.


One last thing: Please consider buying a copy and leaving a review. It helps so much with author rank and visibility. Happy reading!




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