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Trials Paperback Now Available

 After months of reworking the cover, waiting for proofs to arrive to an APO box during the busy Christmas rush, reworking the cover, and waiting for more proofs to arrive, I’m happy to announce that the Trials paperback version is now available on Amazon and through numerous other distribution channels! There are a few things I’ll… Read more »

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On Writing – A Reader’s Pace

The pace of a reader as they go through your story or novel is an important aspect that the author must capture to build a more immersive environment around the reader. A fast reader’s pace is a deliberate tool the writer can use to generate emotions of frenzy, fear, or anxiety. Conversely, slowing the reader’s… Read more »

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New Cover Design

Thanks to my amazing, beautiful, talented, and patient graphic designer (Sarah), Trials has a new and improved book cover. Cover design isn’t easy (you can ask her) and it requires a lot of thought and research. After the cover is completed, and in my case, live for sale, the thought of a new cover design… Read more »

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Author Page on Goodreads

I’m proud to announce that my author page on Goodreads is finally complete and the book is listed and ready to be found! I like the Goodreads profile for a few reasons. First, and most importantly, it provides a great venue where I can engage with an audience. Goodreads allows me to set an “Ask the… Read more »

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Morality’s Sake

Now this is the life of Riley the Cat who would lay on his mat and wonder just what he could be, if a mouse went by without blinking an eye at the cat that cared not for he. Riley the Cat, he ate no meat, it never touched his lips; instead he’d feast on… Read more »

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The Editing Process

Wow, what a week! I’ve just returned from my three week long trip to Slovenia to find my editor had finished work on the latest version of my manuscript. For the seasoned authors out there, you know what I’m going to say next; for us newbies… wow again – and let me explain. There are… Read more »