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Blockchain and Mult-Agent Systems

A multi-agent system should be defined as a group of autonomous agents that collaborate with each other to achieve objectives within their environment. This definition contains four categories that must be explored: the agent; objectives, the environment, and the need to collaborate. Blockchain provides a solution for gaining consensus among multi-agent systems

Decentralized World

Beyond Defi

Blockchain technology goes far beyond decentralized finance. The immutable ledger combined with smart contract technology opens a world of opportunities in engineering, defense, personal data and data management, real estate, legal services, and entertainment.

War; multi domain operations; nightfall


[Author’s Note: Nightfall is a fictional piece that describes the future of squad warfare using tools currently being developed by the U.S. Army’s Synthetic Training Environment-Cross Functional Team. Throughout this story, you will read about intelligent tutoring, virtual rehearsals, drone mapping of terrain, distributed operations in denied environments, and other complexities of facing a peer-threat…. Read more »

Conquests of Brokk

Doomsayer Available Now!

That’s right folks! The final installment of the “Conquests of Brokk” trilogy is finally here and I’ve been working extra hard to get everyone’s attention… I even put together a Book Trailer which you can watch here. I know now that you’ve seen the trailer you’re wondering: “Why isn’t Thane headed to Hollywood?” You’d be… Read more »


Facts and Stats – The Battle for Tassi

The Battle for Tassi was the single greatest war in the history of the planet. Refresh your memory by going through the numbers.

miracle of life

The Miracle of Life on Earth

Last week, NASA announced they had exciting news. NASA’s Curiosity rover had found “organic compounds” on Mars. Essentially, NASA discovered carbon in rocks dating back billions of years. It is important we make the distinction between organic compounds (carbon) and life because these two couldn’t be further apart from each other. NASA has not found… Read more »

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Doomsayer Cover Art is Here

Hold onto your horses… or for those of you without horses, hold onto your pants because I’ve got some big news for you! The first cover art design for the final book in the series “The Conquests of Brokk” is here. Take a look at the art below and let me know what you think…. Read more »

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Cryptocurrency: My Thoughts

With all the back and forth on cryptocurrency, I thought it would be worthwhile to provide thoughts from the perspective of a science fiction author. My prediction: Cryptocurrency is the platform that will enable financial wealth throughout the galaxy and can be tied to a host nation or planetary system. The Good Aspects of Cryptocurrency It… Read more »

A Fable

Fable Poetry

A Bedtime Poem   Careful child, for when you sleep, Trolls and goblins like to creep, Through the field and to your bed, Such awful terror, such wretched dread. Once outside an ogre waits, To the mountain, that’s your fate, They’ll walk you through the blackest nights, To a goblin’s market, their paradise. The wretched… Read more »

Science Fiction Rogue Fleet

Fractal Space, Rogue Fleet, and Other Updates

I’m excited to announce that after several edits and rewrites, Fractal Space is finally published! I’m looking at one final proof of the paperback before I publish that one as well, but for now, you can read the book on Kindle here. With Fractal Space, I’ve deviated significantly from my first novel Trials. Think Space… Read more »

  • Prologue


    Here’s a sneak peek at my newest novel’s prologue. Enjoy!   “I’m telling you, brother, our time has come,” the young man whispered, barely able to keep his teeth from chattering. Draped in the white fur of an animal native to the planet Coridon, the two men huddled together in a hastily built ice cave… Read more »

  • New Cover Design

    New Cover Design

    Thanks to my amazing, beautiful, talented, and patient graphic designer (Sarah), Trials has a new and improved book cover. Cover design isn’t easy (you can ask her) and it requires a lot of thought and research. After the cover is completed, and in my case, live for sale, the thought of a new cover design… Read more »

  • John Wilkes

    John Wilkes – Trials Character Deep Dive

    Continuing with the Trials Character Deep Dive series, I want to give readers insight into John Wilkes. To most readers, his name minus the obvious surname of Booth is famous for a few reasons. First, John Wilkes (the real man) fought hard for the rights of voters to chose their representatives and was a huge… Read more »

  • Finish the Story

    I’m Just Not Sure – Finish the Story

    “I watched the vulture looking at me hungrily as I lay on the ground bleeding and injured.” Injured is really an understatement, I was dead… well, dying. 11 Seconds. Somebody counted. 11 seconds for your brain to stop functioning after it’s been severed from your body. The vulture, it’s not his fault. I suppose with… Read more »

  • Short Story

    Short Story – Fly Soup

    Lying belly up in the steaming cauldron, Steve already began to feel his legs making their final twitches, those uncontrollable spasms that all life seems to make when its luck runs out.  Steve had witnessed this muscle spasm before from a deer after being hit by a car.  Although he had the privilege of feasting on it… Read more »

  • Short Story Watching

    Short Story – Watching

    Friday, May 22 Her luscious lips, her wavy hair, the way she squeaked when she fell. Immediately, at that moment, he knew he would do anything she asked him. Anything. Bending over to offer a hand, James also caught a smell apple cobbler. That sweet perfume made her smell as good as he assumed she… Read more »

  • Author Page

    Author Page on Goodreads

    I’m proud to announce that my author page on Goodreads is finally complete and the book is listed and ready to be found! I like the Goodreads profile for a few reasons. First, and most importantly, it provides a great venue where I can engage with an audience. Goodreads allows me to set an “Ask the… Read more »

  • Flash Fiction

    Flash Fiction – When the Crow Calls

    When the crow calls each fall night, be sure to listen to his plight. For the crow, sitting high, is watching out for you alright. His eyes they’ll follow and they’ll wait, to see if you should meet your fate. His hope is that you’ll trip and fall, hit your head upon the wall at… Read more »

  • Trials Character Deep Dive – Jillian

    Jillian Jaspers is a character we meet in the prologue during a conference where she demonstrates her scientific achievements to a room full of financiers. While she disappears from the readers view for the first quarter of the book, don’t write the prologue off as just filler fluff. Jillian is a highly intelligent and motivated… Read more »

  • Trials Character Deep Dive – Zoe

    I’ve wanted to do some character deep dives for my new novel Trials and after setting the stage with Malek, my favorite villain, I’ve decided to continue with Zoe.  If you haven’t read the story yet, beware, there might be a few hints below but I will do my best to keep spoilers away. Zoe… Read more »