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Trials Character Deep Dive – Jillian

Jillian Jaspers is a character we meet in the prologue during a conference where she demonstrates her scientific achievements to a room full of financiers. While she disappears from the readers view for the first quarter of the book, don’t write the prologue off as just filler fluff. Jillian is a highly intelligent and motivated… Read more »

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Trials Character Deep Dive – Zoe

I’ve wanted to do some character deep dives for my new novel Trials and after setting the stage with Malek, my favorite villain, I’ve decided to continue with Zoe.  If you haven’t read the story yet, beware, there might be a few hints below but I will do my best to keep spoilers away. Zoe… Read more »

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Post Launch Update #2

With the weekend over, I wanted to share the final post-launch figures for Trials on Amazon Kindle: There were a total of 92 downloads and 138 KENP read over the 3 day free promotional period. I’m pretty happy with that number, given it was largely driven by sharing with friends and family over Facebook and… Read more »

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Trials – Post Launch Update

Hi Friends! I just wanted to update you on a few thoughts – post launch. First – Thank you to everyone that downloaded a free copy of the book! I’m really excited to start reading the reviews and hope that this free promotion through the weekend drives more interest in the future. Now onto the… Read more »

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Trials – Now Published

I’d like to extend a big thank you to all of my family, friends, and readers that helped me publish my first novel – so THANK YOU! To celebrate, I’ll be running a free promotion where you can download the book here from Amazon absolutely free throughout the Columbus Day Weekend (Saturday-Monday). Thank you all… Read more »

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Trials the Novel: Chapter 5

Fingers crossed, Steve and Amy Jones huddled around the small TV. Usually he didn’t play the lottery, but after being out of a job for the last year he started playing monthly. The prize: a one-way-all expenses-paid trip to Mars for you and your family as part of a recruiting gimmick by Unicore Technologies and… Read more »

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Monday’s Finish the Story – 5 OCT

Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island, but it was better that way. If the people knew, if they truly knew what was happening beneath the surface of that stony plateau, the whole operation risked being shut down. James couldn’t have that; his work was too important. Saving Jilly was too important, and… Read more »

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Science Fiction History

I’m not sure who to credit this diagram to, but I wish I could because its a lot of fun to look at! I’m getting ready to start the Dune Series by Frank Herbert – which is just below the New Wave header in the diagram. How many of these classics have you guys read?

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Trials – Chapter 4

Moonlight reflected dimly off a picture that Evie had now been staring at thoughtfully for at least half an hour. She had stared at that photo hundreds of times for countless hours, but tonight, perhaps by the pale light of the moon, Evie noticed something she hadn’t seen before. It was a picture of their… Read more »

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Short Story – Lost

Panic immediately set in. We’re lost. Deep down I knew this wasn’t the right way. We made a wrong turn. It just felt wrong. Why the heck didn’t I stop him earlier? This network of caves had gotten increasingly more complicated, and now, the walls were closing in making it even more difficult to move… Read more »