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Evolutionist – Put your Money where your Mouth Is

I’m going to take a quick break from fiction to write about the evolutionist – I hope my followers forgive me for climbing upon this soap box, but as a writer I see my primary responsibility as being the packaging and exchanging of ideas. DISCLAIMER: I believe in the value and worth of all of… Read more »

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Flash Fiction – The Forest

My dad always warned me that escaping wild animals would be great exercise not worth getting. Well… I agree; and more specifically, running from bears is great exercise. Better yet, when you run from bears on an empty stomach you burn up your stored fat. I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining, right? I mean, three days… Read more »

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Short Story – Watching

Friday, May 22 Her luscious lips, her wavy hair, the way she squeaked when she fell. Immediately, at that moment, he knew he would do anything she asked him. Anything. Bending over to offer a hand, James also caught a smell apple cobbler. That sweet perfume made her smell as good as he assumed she… Read more »

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Monday’s Finish the Story – 5 OCT

Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island, but it was better that way. If the people knew, if they truly knew what was happening beneath the surface of that stony plateau, the whole operation risked being shut down. James couldn’t have that; his work was too important. Saving Jilly was too important, and… Read more »

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Trials – Chapter 4

Moonlight reflected dimly off a picture that Evie had now been staring at thoughtfully for at least half an hour. She had stared at that photo hundreds of times for countless hours, but tonight, perhaps by the pale light of the moon, Evie noticed something she hadn’t seen before. It was a picture of their… Read more »

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The Woman of Mars

My Mars enthusiasts have surely seen these images before – but I thought it appropriate to blog about them all the same, given my love of Mars and my novel Trials. The pictures that are published from the Mars rover (you can view them here) are simply phenomenal and do so much to stir the… Read more »

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Memories are powerful aren’t they? Certain smells, the temperature or humidity, or even a recent discussion can bring back a flurry of thoughts and emotions that were long ago buried in the depth of our minds. With the coming of fall, I’ve had a few resurface. I wish I could say they were happy; but… Read more »

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Trials – Chapter 2

The car was half-submerged in the murky canal water. Soldiers on one side; frantic civilians on the other. A crowd gathered around the hasty rescue effort in the center. He could still see her in his mind. Not her face, but her back. Her hair gently dangled in the water as men pulled her out… Read more »

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Short Story – Lost

Panic immediately set in. We’re lost. Deep down I knew this wasn’t the right way. We made a wrong turn. It just felt wrong. Why the heck didn’t I stop him earlier? This network of caves had gotten increasingly more complicated, and now, the walls were closing in making it even more difficult to move… Read more »