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Wormhole Travel

Wormhole Travel is a topic in science and science fiction that has always fascinated me. The problem with writing a science fiction story that involves space exploration is the sheer distance that one would have to travel conventionally in order to reach a habitable planet. We’re not just talking years of conventional travel. We’re talking… Read more »

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Evolutionist – Put your Money where your Mouth Is

I’m going to take a quick break from fiction to write about the evolutionist – I hope my followers forgive me for climbing upon this soap box, but as a writer I see my primary responsibility as being the packaging and exchanging of ideas. DISCLAIMER: I believe in the value and worth of all of… Read more »

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On Writing – A Reader’s Pace

The pace of a reader as they go through your story or novel is an important aspect that the author must capture to build a more immersive environment around the reader. A fast reader’s pace is a deliberate tool the writer can use to generate emotions of frenzy, fear, or anxiety. Conversely, slowing the reader’s… Read more »

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Author Page on Goodreads

I’m proud to announce that my author pageĀ on Goodreads is finally complete and the book is listed and ready to be found! I like the Goodreads profile for a few reasons. First, and most importantly, it provides a great venue where I can engage with an audience. Goodreads allows me to set an “Ask the… Read more »

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The Woman of Mars

My Mars enthusiasts have surely seen these images before – but I thought it appropriate to blog about them all the same, given my love of Mars and my novel Trials. The pictures that are published from the Mars rover (you can view them here) are simply phenomenal and do so much to stir the… Read more »

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Cover Design

Judging a book by its cover? As an author, I should probably know better. But I do it all the time. Whether I’m browsing Amazon Kindle for a book or Netflix for a movie, I often times don’t even read the title below it. I just look at the picture. Is it intriguing? Is it… Read more »

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Memories are powerful aren’t they? Certain smells, the temperature or humidity, or even a recent discussion can bring back a flurry of thoughts and emotions that were long ago buried in the depth of our minds. With the coming of fall, I’ve had a few resurface. I wish I could say they were happy; but… Read more »