Brokk is the commander of the 9th Jark Space Fleet. His mission: Take over the planet Tassi and force the occupants to surrender to the Jark Empire. His aim: Become their Chancellor.

Galactic politics, however, get the best of Brokk and before he can clinch his victory, Brokk is abandoned by the Empire and left to fend for himself.

Follow Brokk through this exciting science fiction series that combines Space Opera, Military Science, and Future Technology against the backdrop of the entire galaxy.

Fractal Space


Brokk is the chosen one. His golden skin proves it, his supreme leader has given him the warships, and the dead have accepted his sacrifice. With an armada of battleships and forty million soldiers, Brokk will be chancellor of the Tassian system by nightfall. Even the best of plans can come unraveled, and for Brokk, the desperate moves of a vagrant named Casika risks destroying everything he set in motion.

The battle for Tassi begins with an artillery barrage so vicious the sky itself is darkened. Find out how it ends.





Rogue Fleet


Abandoned. Forsaken. Hunted.

When Brokk’s campaign fails, he realizes that he has lost not only his prize but his homeworld as well. With no support from his government and labeled a renegade by his leaders, Brokk is forced into hiding. While he rebuilds his fleet, Brokk meets a powerful new ally and makes a dozen new foes.

As Brokk navigates the criminal underworld and plans his next move, one thing is certain: the Galactic Order will not stop until it has brought Brokk to justice. But surrender is not in Brokk’s blood.




Science Fiction


Brokk was the chosen one. His golden skin proved it. The dead had accepted his sacrifice. He should have had a great victory. But he lost.

Brokk, commander of the now defeated 9th Jark Space Fleet, desires more than just his exile to end. Betrayed by his own people, Brokk sets his heart on revenge and makes it his aim to rule the entire Jark Empire. With his Armada refit, the religion of his fathers destroyed, and a powerful new priestess by his side, Brokk launches an attack against the place he once called home.

Despite Brokk’s plans, his enemy has his own intentions for the galaxy and his own desire for revenge. The war against Brokk has left Cale’s home in shambles, his father missing, and the love of his life in grave danger. As conflict descends on the Jark Empire, a fog of war masks the plans of the remaining species in the galaxy and a battle for positioning begins.



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